Michael Tanner plays "Emotion" in his podcast "Tanner's Breakfast Bap"! Listen here!



The new single has 216 likes with 335 plays on soundcloud! If this is not a fake of someone, then the song is going very well!



The single "Human Nature" had airplays on GoodMusicRadio, FlyflewRadio, RadioWigwam, RadioTSFC, Radio Coolio, NCCRRadio, The Colorado Phil Show, Belter Radio, Phoenix FM and more!



Broken 8 Records writes: "The one-and-only Volker Milch is back, and he is brought with him a brand new single. Tune in to 'Human nature' on Bandcamp today!"



Revivalsynth recommends the single "Human Nature" as a "Track of the week"!



The Musicblog "Find a song" recommends the new single "Human Nature"!



The new single "Human Nature" is out now: It  is a danceable indie-/synthpop track with a dreamy, hypnotic mood. The synthesizer hookline is trance-like and the female voice hovers over it. The lyric is about the ups and downs of human emotions. Enjoy this little piece of music!